Re: the name "Christof" #general

Judith Romney Wegner

I too have known Jews called Christopher. Beats me why their parents did it!

Re what you say about names "originating >from the New Testament", the
overwhelming majority of those names are actually Greek versions of
Hebrew names -- most of them stemming originally >from the Hebrew
Bible. Not least (Historically, he was in fact Joshua, son of
Miriam and Joseph of Nazareth -- which is why the New Testament
calls him Jesus of Nazareth and his followers were known in his day
as the Nazarenes)

Other NT names coming >from the Hebrew include Mary (Miriam), Anna
(Hannah), Elias (Elijah), Elizabeth (Elisheva), Matthew
(Matityahu) Elias (Elijah), John (Yohannan), James (Jacob), Simon
(Simeon), Saul (the original name of St. Paul), Lazarus
(Ell'azar), Joanna (Yohanna) Salome (Shulammit) and Thomas (>from
the Hebrew word for "twin." I'm sure there are more that I can't
call to mind at the moment, but that's enough to make the point that
many "Christian" names are actually Jewish names to start with.

Christopher obviously is a different matter. It means
"Christ-bearer." The name is said to come >from a legend about a man
who carried the Christ-child across a river and thereby became St.

Judith Romney Wegner

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