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Joseph Fibel <jfibel@...>

Dear Rudolf,

The reply to your posting >from Virginia Lenziger should prove helpful to

You seem quite annoyed that nobody replied to your request. Please note
that every responder to posters' questions is a volunteer. No one gets
paid here. There is no particular reason why anyone should have the
particular information you request. Searching for relatives is not an
instant process. If the first thing doesn't work, you have to try something

I suggest that you direct your inquiry to the U S Holocaust Memorial Museum
(USHHM) in Washington, D. C. and ask them how *you* can go about getting the
information you want. It is their purpose in life to collect information
about the Holocaust and its victims.

Have you posted your names to the JGFF? and have you looked for a Yizkor
Book for his community. You don't mention where he was born. Even if there
is no Yizklor Book, you might write to the mayor of his community and see if
anyone is writing a history of the Holocaust for the community .

There are other possibilities depending on where he was born.

If he was born in Germany,. the recent second edition of the "Black Book" of
those Germans who were killed in the Holocaust, now including East Germany
might have a reference to him. Large city libraries or College of University
Libraries. might have this book.

Good luck, Joseph Fibel,
New Rochelle, NY

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