Searching CAHN from Denver - descendants of Bessie Cahn and Sophie Cahn #general

Martin Cahn <martin@...>

My grandfather's cousin, Bessie F. Cahn was born in 1895 in Denver. She married
a Kaufman and was living in Denver in 1988 when her brother Leonard died. I
cannot trace her. Does anyone know her family by any chance? By now it is likely
we are talking about grandchildren since I think she died in 1994 aged 99.

Her sister Sophie J. was also alive aged c 23 in 1920. I have no idea what her
married name was or where she lived or was buried, but she apparently didn't
make it to 1988. Has anyone come across her or her family by any chance?

With all the best

Martin Cahn
Myslenice (near Krakow)

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