Help Translate Yad Vashem Pages - ZILBERMAN, USHER, KRUBELINK, BER #general

Alexandra Alznauer <petiealznauer@...>

Thank you to all of the people who wrote with translations of the text of a
postcard with a photo of a relative on either my ZILBERMAN or KARP line
dated 25 July 1922 Raiseinia.

As I try to trace possible family members a generation later during the
Shoah I need more assistance >from kind JewishGenners.

Please help me by translating >from Hebrew to English the names and addresses
(and anything else of interest that might not be in the Yad Vashem website's
English translation ) of the Submitters of Pages of Testimony on Yad Vashem
for these people in Lithuania:

"USHER Rakhel" [Freida Rakhel KRUBELINK USHER]
"SILBERMAN Toba Taube" [Toba or Taube SILBERMAN]
"SILBERMAN Schmuel" in Girtagole [Schmuel SILBERMAN] - Liute BER is the

Please reply privately. Thanks!

Alexandra Alznauer
San Francisco

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