Information on SHULMESTER #general



I am new to this list but not new to geneaological research. Despite years
of research, much of it at the National Archives (I live in suburban
Washington), I have yet to discover any evidence of my grandmother's immigration
to this country, nor of her maiden name. Her name has been variously identified
on family documents as: Shoemaker, Shulmester, Schumeister. She was born in
I believe she emigrated >from Odessa, and entered the country in 1905, since
that is indicated on the 1920 census. I do not know where she entered the
country. She settled in New York, so I assumed she came through NY, but I have
not found any record to that effect.

Does anyone have any advice? I have searched records through JewishGen,
Ellis Island. Any other ideas?


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