Occupation abbreviation "W.Y.W." on 1930 census, NYC #general

Nancy <nancygoldberg05@...>

On the 1930 Census, William GARLOCK, age 25, living with his parents in
Manhattan, had "W.Y.W." written across the "occupation" and "industry"
columns. There was no occupation code. There was a "yes" in the column
asking if the person had been at work yesterday or the most recent regular
working day.

William's father, Samuel, was a leather dealer, code 9791 (retail dealer).
William's mother, Jessie, was a store helper, code 4590 (saleswoman, retail
store) - probably in Samuel's store. William was listed as a leather dealer
in the 1934 Manhattan City Directory. Does anyone know what "W.Y.W."
stands for? I looked in 2 dictionaries and did a "google" search but found

Nancy Goldberg, Los Angeles

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