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<< One of my ancestors had the rare name combination "Eliezer Lieber".
This is an ancient, but rare, combination - Lieber is one of many
varieties of nicknames of Eliezer, such as Lipa, Lipman, Lieberman,
etc. meaning "beloved". (These can be found in the "Seder HaShemot",
printed in some editions of the "Shulchan Aruch" with section "Even
HaEzer".) I have never come across anyone else with this particular
variation. I suppose that anyone with the same name in his area is
likely related to him. >>

==Not so rare. Beider states "In Eastern Europe during the 19th century, the
hypocorism Liber was not unusual, while the full form Liberman was not used
anymore." Beider gives early examples of Liber >from Volhynia in 1563, Lvov in
1577, Hungary 1580 . . . . and in various Russian voter lists of 1912

==You are quite right, of course. Liber, Lieber, Liebman, Lipman etc, in all
their variant spellings, are kinnuyim for various names, chiefly Eliezer but
also Yehuda and YomTov. I wouldn't put too much store on the likelihood that
any other Lieber might be a relation, even if >from the same city. A Henry
might be a Harry or a Hal (and a Chaim in the synagogue) while his grandfather
and cousins, all named Chaim, would use another form of Henry--and might use
one name at home, one at work, and the third on their checking account.

Michael Bernet, New York

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