What to do if there are no census records nor City DIrectories. #general

Joseph Fibel <jfibel@...>


After posting my note about City Directories, I received an inquiry >from a
well known Jewish researcher asking what resources might be available if the
researcher could not find a census record or if no City Directory was yet

So I made a list of these:

The first is that for the 2000 Summer Seminar, Hal Bookbinder and Joan
Rimmon made up a list of over 800 Community Jewish History Books, arranged
by State and Community. This listing was transferred over to the IAJGS and
is now available on line at the IAJGS site-www.iajgs.org. On their home page,
click on Resources, and North American Community Books and then the state.

Hal and Joan have added several books to the original list. You can search
for the books in State and large Public and College libraries and they might
be available on inter-library loan and almost always available at the
Library of Congress (LOC)

Another suggestion is to call the local public library and ask the reference
librarian for help. Most communities have a community historian to keep such
information. Ask the librarian for his name. Also ask for the name of the
local historical society and sent them the inquiry. If there is a local
Jewish Genealogical Society, send them the inquiry. Maybe a local
researcher will have an answer. The addresses of all of the JGS's are at
the IAJGS site given above.

If the person had an occupation for which he had to have a license, locate
these lists and send a request
If there was a local newspaper, they probably have a morgue arranged
alphabetically and they might search it for you or the local Public Library
might keep the newspaper morgue. If the kids were of school age there might
be records at the local B. of Ed or these records might be removed to some
storage place.

Local Synagogue or Temple Records might be available or they might have been
sent someplace for storage. Check YIVO, HUC, JTS or AJHS or YU to see about
these. (All at the Center for Jewish History) (JTS is separate)

The City Clerk of the community probably will have records and there may be
copies at the County Center and or at the State Archives.

If you have the opportunity to make a visit this might be much more
profitable than just calling or e-mailing but always call in advance anyway
to ensure that the records are available.

If you have done all of these without success let me know and I might think
up something else.

Joseph Fibel

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