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Hi Steve,

You wrote:

I know there is a CD with the database of burials on the Mt. of Olives.
When I've seen references to it, it's always in the context of
translations of tombstone inscriptions. Is there an actual necrology
8,012 tombstone inscriptions >from Mount of Olives Cemetery have been
translated, transcribed and indexed. This index was part of the projects
conducted by the Israel Genealogical Society (IGS) in view of the 2004
Jerusalem International JG Conference.
All the projects have been published on a special CD, that one can still
purchase >from IGS at:
The 8,012 tombstone inscriptions are based on a book published in 1906-1913,
that only covers the sections on the top the hill. The covered years of
death are 1740-1906.
This is why I would first suggest you make an online search at the
"Consolidated Name Index" covering all the database of that CD.
Nearly 1,500 tombstones are of Sephardim and 6,500 of Ashkenazim. While 87%
of the Sephardim inscriptions include a surname, only 27% of Ashkenazim have
a surname. In counterpart, the 75% of the inscriptions include the father's
given name and for 57% of them there is a place of origin (very possibly equal
the place of birth).

In case you do not find the names you are looking for, you can write (in
English) to the Prushim Hevra Kadisha.
For the addresses of all the Burial societies in the whole country of Israel
go to:


Mathilde A. Tagger
Coordinator of 2004 Projects

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