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Yossi Mund writes: One of my ancestors had the rare name combination
"Eliezer Lieber". This is an ancient, but rare, combination - Lieber
is one of many varieties of nicknames of Eliezer, such as Lipa,
Lipman, Lieberman, etc. meaning "beloved". (These can be found in the
"Seder HaShemot", printed in some editions of the "Shulchan Aruch"
with section "Even HaEzer".) I have never come across anyone else
with this particular variation. I suppose that anyone with the same
name in his area is likely related to him. He lived in the Lviv
(Lwow/Lvov/Lemberg) area of Galicia (now Ukraine). He probably was
named after an ancestor with surname WITLIN or WITTLIN. Any one know
someone else with this given name?>

Sadly I have to tell Yossi that there was a teenage holocaust victim
Eliezer LIEBER >from Rzesow [Lwow/Lvov/Lemberg]. There is a PoT from
Chaim, who I assume was his brother {'brat' and then Hebrew] - the
PoT says *son* and I have sent in a correction to that effect.
Eliezer LIEBER was born in Rzeszow, Poland in 1928 to Isak and
Sheindl [Sabina]. Eliezer perished in 1942 in Belzec, Poland at the
age of 14.

When you check LIEBERMAN{N} - Eliezer appear >from as far afield as
Latvia, Warsaw, Paris, Bukovina, Hungary, Romania, Lodz, Lwow, and
Lublin. We remember all of them here today.

Many Jews >from Lemberg settled in Vienna - I can offer Yossi an
interesting, and probably unconnected, combination >from Vienna:

LIEBREICH Lieber aged 78 died 20.06.1921

There is a holocaust victim called Emil LIEBERMANN [whose Hebrew name
may well have been Emanuel or Eliezier] who was born in Vienna on

As for WITTLIN - there are 6 WITTLIN graves in Vienna and these two
are definitely Galician:

Wittlin Baruch aged 31 buried 26.10.1915
Wittlin Feige aged 32 died 09.03.1933

We also have two WITLIN. The moral is: if you come >from Lemberg
remember to explore the Vienna link.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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