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<< There is a holocaust victim called Emil LIEBERMANN [whose Hebrew name
may well have been Emanuel or Eliezier] who was born in Vienna on
09.07.1893. >>

==Emanuel is a Hebrew phrase >from the Bible and means "God is with us." It
is not, however, a Hebrew *name*

==Christians adopted it as a personal name based on a misreading, making the
assumption that Emanuel was a personal name prophesied by our prophets as
the name of the future Messiah.

==In the first half of the nineteenth century it was common in Germanic
countries for Jewish boys named [Menachem] Mendel to be given the civil name
Emanuel, but it was not a name common in the rituals of circumcision, Torah
reading, marriage, divorce or death. In the second half of the century, the name
Emil was preferred as civil name for [Menachem] Mendel, replacing Emanuel with
which it shared two initial and one final letters.

==My mother's gf, Menachem-Mendel Arjeh, b. 1806, was named Emanuel Loeb; my
father's sister's husband, b. 1889, Menachem in Hebrew, was named Emil.

==There is no reason why an Eliezer should not be named Emil (or Estevan,
Earl, Ernest etc), but it would not be common.

Michael Bernet, New York

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