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Alexander Sharon

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==OK, the last question is easy: "German Poland"

==Here's an answer to a question you didn't ask: The Caros are a famous
Sefardi family. The most famous Caro was the compiler of the Shulchan Arukh,
the 16th century compilation of Jewish law, that is still the basic authority
today for rabbis. A long column of Caros is listed in the Encyclopedia Judaica.

==Lars Menk lists CARO in his Dictionary of German Jewish Surnames. I
suggest you look it up at your local library. Most of them are >from
Silesia, an area that Prussia annexed >from Poland and that was ceded back
to Poland in 1945.
The main cities he listed were Posen and Glogau. I tried checking out
Clechchovia but my local heatwave and thunderstorms interefered too much
with my light and thus my vision.

Michael Bernet, New York

Just to supplement Michael Bernet reply:

Place is known as Kleszczewo [kleh shsheh voh] at 5220 1711, 10 miles ESE
from the City of Poznan (Posen).
Also known as Kleschkau and earlier, in 14 century as Liebenwalde. There is
a bit of information about the existence of inn in this is 14 century
(usually it was a Jewish business) which was paying taxes to the local

There is also a monograph published in 1904 in Bromberg by Aaron Heppner
(Rabbi in Koschmin) and Izaak Herzberg >from Bromberg on Posen Jewry:

"Aus Vergangenheit und Gegenwart der Juden und der jued. Gemeinden in den
Posener Landen; nach gedruckten und ungedruckten Quellen".

Perhaps more information on Jewish Kleszczewo can be located in this publication.
I do agree with Michael that "Deu" is an abbreviation of Deutsche - in this
case Prussian Poland

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab

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