Re: Fake email linked to genealogy research? #general

Harvey L Kaplan <harvey@...>

And by chance, I have been contacted by "three" companies in the past week
trying to find heirs of a distant relative of mine, not realising who I am,
but looking for information >from me. I went straight to a relative who has
a direct claim on this estate and I am advising him on how to go about
making a claim himself. The scam is that these researchers want their cut.
One has asked the heirs to sign over 10% of their inheritance in exchange
for being pointed in the right direction.

Harvey L Kaplan
Glasgow, Scotland

----- Original Message -----
I just recieved an email >from someone claiming to be searching for heirs
of a possible family member. This individual must have done some research
on genalogy web-sites as that is the only place this name is linked to mine.

This particular letter was pretty obvious, but thought I would just alert
others on Jewish Gen to the possibility of frauds.

Ellen Lee

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