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Sally Goodman <sbgoody@...>

Cyndee Meystel wrote:

My husband's great-grandmother always covered her hair (with a
"parouk" -- a forerunner of today's sheitel)
Judith Romney Wegner replied:

Presumably, "parouk" is a phonetic rendering of the French word "perruque" --
meaning wig. I have never heard anyone refer to a sheitel as a perruque, and am
wondering why your family did not simply call it a "sheitel." Were they French
Jews who perhaps no longer spoke Yiddish?

and I add: in our home my parents and grandparents (>from Vienna) called it a
"Perueke", the German word for wig. I did not know the word "sheitel" until
I was older and learned to understand Yiddish on my own. I presume my family
did not want to utter any Yiddish words, even though we lived in the US, out
of fear. I am sure that is why our Mezuzah was on the inside of our
apartment door and not outside for others to see.

Sally Goodman
Palm Springs/LA, CA

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