Argentina postal code #general

Carlos Glikson

Vera Finberg asked
I need assistance in determining a postal code in Buenos Aires.
The address is **** Dragones, Buenos Aires.
It is at least 15 years old. Could anyone send me
the correct code so I can send a letter?
Vera, to find the correct postal code the door number is needed, and I
understand you can not publish full addresses in the forum. With street name
and door number, you can find the postal code online:

1. Go to
and click on "Consulte su CPA" - (consult your Argentine Postal Code)
2. In "Seleccione una Provincia" (select a province) choose "Capital
Federal" for Buenos Aires City.
3. Click on "Continuar"
4. In the new screen, at "Nombre de la calle:" (street name) type
5. At "Altura": (Door number) type the door number.
6. Click on "Buscar CPA".

If you make a mistake with the street name or the door number, or if you
selected the wrong location for that address, you will get a message reading
"Disculpe, puede que el nombre de la calle esté mal escrito o la altura sea
incorrecta o la calle pertenezca a una localidad vecina...." mentioning
these possibilities and then asking you to check the data and try again.

A door number is 3 or 4 digits long. Very exceptional cases for a
record-long avenue have 5 digits. Be sure not to include extra numbers after
the door number. They may be the floor or apartment number...

Best wishes,

Carlos Glikson
Buenos Aires

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