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<< For British Jews the most famous Jewish person of that name in recent
times is the late Chief Rabbi, (Lord) Immanuel Jakobovits. There are numerous
results of a search "Rabbi Immanuel" on the Internet - either surname or first
name. Having said that there is also an Immanuel and St Andrew Church near
where I live in South London.

<< But then David is a Jewish name - and is also the Patron Saint of Wales. >>

==And I've often been asked why I have an Irish name (which, incidentally,
is neither my "Jewish" name nor my "given" name)

==Incidentally, I have learned >from Perets Mett that the Przedborzer Rebbe
was given the hitherto uncommon name on the advice of a Hassidic Wunderrebbe.
Subsequent Emanuels were named apparently in honor of this Przedborzer Rebbe.
Amniel and Emniel (the pronunciations, according to Perets), perhaps
explains the observed shift to Emil for Menachem, after around 1890.

Michael Bernet, New York

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