Jeruslam IGS July lecture #general


Dear Genners
On Wednesday the 26th of July, the Jerusalem branch of IGS will hold its
monthly lecture. Mr. Shmuel Even Or co-founder of IGS and Holder of Yakir Hag"ai
award will speak about the story of BNEI YONA - A 19th century Jewish family in
Eretz Israel and their descendents.
The meeting will be held at Beit Frankfurter, Derech Beit Lechem 80 Baka'a.
18:15 Library Opens
19:30 Ms. Tamar Maor will give a short talk on "How to write down memories
or family history".
19:45 Lecture.
You are all invited.

Dr. Lea Gedalia ,Jerusalem
For Questions and clarifications contact or call 02-5815428

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