Opinion Survey - Facial Features Recognition #general

Alan Weiser <alanboy@...>

We shouldn't be surprised that members of the same bloodline can
share similar facial features. In my case I once compared a picture
of my father at about age 13 with one of my first cousins, a son of
my father's brother at about the same age. The similarities were
striking. The hair and especially the ears.

I have only been into genealogy research for about 10 years. In
all that time I have never come across a database of portraits with
vital data. Sure I have seen a lot of group pictures and even some
photographs of up close faces, but never a logically arranged set of
photos linked to vital data on the person.

Imagine this as an every day occurrence in my search for
relatives. I find a surname of interest (WEISER), if there is another
person to contact I do via email or letter. We exchange what we know
about our family >from Kolomyya or surrounding area, but we find no
specific linkage between my Weisers and their Weisers. The matter is
dropped. Now picture this. I search the web and find a database of
photographs along with the vital data. I can now cross-check the
vital data and the facial features to determine the chance of a
family connection. Having those facial features certainly does not
positively make a connection decision possible,but it does add
another possible clue to aid in making that decision.

*Opinion Survey*
Please take a few minutes to submit to me your opinion, pro or
con, on establishing a facial photograph with vital data as much as
known kind of database. The database might be posted on individual
SIG web sites or we could try to get JewishGen interested in
such a database.

Alan Weiser
Silver Spring, MD USA

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