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Aliza <alizam@...>

Dear Genners,

I am researching the area of Disna, now located in Belarus.

My great grandmother, Toba Leah the daughter of Shneur was >from a place
called Sloboda Dedisna. I have been told that means a very small "shtetl"
on the road to Disna.

My great grandfather Shalom Dov Ber STEINHART was >from Lepel Vitebsk. From
different Ellis Island records I have found, my grandfather and his
siblings report being born either in Disna or Lepel. I used the
JewishGen distance calculator to determine that the distance between the two
towns is 81km/50 miles.

Does anyone know anything about the route >from Lepel to Disna (in the 1880's
and 1890's)? Is it likely that Sloboda Dedisna would be on this road? Does
anyone know if there are birth, marriage, and death
certificates available for Disna?

In addition, I would appreciate it if someone would send me a current
email address for Batya, the Disna coordinator.

Thank you for your help.

Aliza Maor
Rishon Le Zion

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