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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Janette Levey Frisch writes: <I fortunate to be able to find
information about my greatgrandparents on today.
It's still lacking, but I've been so fortunate in finding other
family information that I'm going to post this and give it a try.

My great grandfather Abraham RICHTER was born in Austria. My father
believes he was >from Vienna. His father's name was Beril and his
mother's name was Male GOTTESMAN. He married Sadie WILDER in NYC on
February 7, 1905. Sadie was also born in Austria, but the site
doesn't say what city or town and nobody in my family seems to know.
She had a sister Rose and another sister Tillie. Her father's name is
listed as Schulym Gezel, and her mother's name is listed
as Maly Bar..uhut.>

This is the perennial problem: Austria-Galicia [pre WW1] vs
Austria-Austria proper. I am absolutely certain the family came from
Galicia but Abraham RICHTER may indeed have been born in Vienna, as
many Galicians emigrated to this great metropolis.

It would have been useful if, at all possible, we had been given a
few more facts on this RICHTER family thought to be >from Vienna - ie
did Abraham's parents also go to the USA or did they also possibly
die in Vienna? How old was Abraham? I have guessed his dob >from the
given facts.

I have mentioned this before - the Vienna records are excellent and
the vital records of the Isr. Kultusgemeinde are now available from
the LDS - if Abraham was born in Vienna [say 1880?] his birth will be
clearly registered. If his parents died there - we should be able to
find their grave: This is one possibility - with a possible brother:

Zentralfriedhof Gate 1 19 7 59

RICHTER Bernhard aged 62 dob buried on 23.05.1892
RICHTER Deborah aged 70 buried on 06.06.1899
RICHTER Oswald aged 59 buried on 12.11.1918

BTW there were also many Galician GOTTESMAN living in Vienna. I have
studied a few of them. re BARE ..HUT this could be BARENHAUT or

And if you search for BARENHUT + Galicia on jri-pl you get a real
bonanza of records. And here is the jewel in the crown:

WILDER Salomon - Getzel 1894 M 78 999 Krakow Hersch - Leib Scheindel
BERNHUT Malka 1894 M 78 999 Krakow Nathan Róza czyli Reizla SZWARTZ

But how could their daughter marry in 1905?

We apparently have gone a generation or two further back to Kracow
-but something is wrong with the data/dates!

Celia Male [U.K.]

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