How to Identify Time Period on Photographs #general

Carolyn Lea <clea@...>

My cousin sent a scan of a tintype. We both clearly recognize her
g-grandfather (Louis) because of his ears. She believes the older woman on
the image is her g-grandmother and the younger her daughter. There is also a
man in the image that appears to be the same age as the older woman. I
believe the younger woman is Louis's wife as they appear to be the same age
and both are posed on the left side of image while the other couple is on
right (women seated in front of men). I suspect this for three reasons - the
apparent age of the women, the pose, and the fact that the daughter was born
in 1890. While tintypes continued to be available their popularity had
declined by the time the daughter would have been a grown woman. This leaves
open the possibility that the older couple is either the parents, ie, my
gg-grandparents, or older brother, ie my g-grandfather. I have a book on the
history of photography but am wondering if anyone can recommend a book that
is helpful in dating an image based on fashion?

Thanks for any help.

Carolyn Lea
NW Ohio
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Kassel, Prussia> Darien and Savannah, Georgia BASCH>Prussia>Savannah,
LEWISOHN/LEVISON Elbing, West Prussia> Brunswick and Savannah, Georgia
OPPENHEIM > Savannah, Georgia WEINBERG >Prussia? > Georgia

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