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Help. I am caught up in a bit of a confusion. I have several
records for a woman named Sarah Borak. I am not sure all
of the records refer to the same person. In some records a
Sora Ryfka Burak has a father named Byszko Burak, in others
Sora Ryfkas fathers name is Bysk Berkowicz. In some records
Sora Ryfka Buraks mother is named Basia z Joelow, and in others,
she is listed as Bejla Joskowna.

She died in 1927. Her gravestone, lists Sarah Burak as daughter of
Binyamin Ha Cohen. Her death certificate listed Benjamin Burak and
Fannie Miller as her parents.


1. Was marriage allowed between first cousins in the 1800s era in Lomza,
Yes. But I don't think that is what we have here.

2. Is Byszko Burak and Bysk Berkowicz possibly the same person?
They are. "Berkowicz" in this case is a patronymic, not a surname. Sarah's
grandfather is Berko.

3. Is Basia z Joelow (or Joelowna) the same person as Bejla Joskowna
To me, it looks like there has been some confusion at some point between
Basia/Bejla and Joel/Josko. My bet is that there is one woman here.

4. Is Bysk a yiddish diminuitive for Binyamin?

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