Request for gravestone translation #general

Schorr, Ronald W <rschorr@...>

I have posted a photo of a gravestone on ViewMate

Last year I discovered the burial site of my grandmother in Union Fields
Cemetery in Queens, NY. I was quite surprised at the quality of the
stone because I believe my grandparents are not wealthy (poor, perhaps,
is the word).

I would appreciate if someone would translate the text on the stone. I
know that the first four lines are an acrostic spelling Feiga but what
does the text mean?

Also, if any of this information rings a bell, perhaps you could contact

Please reply directly to :

My grandmother was Fanny Schor (or Schorr). Hebrew name, Feiga. Her
maiden name was Wolfman, daughter of Ephraim and Deborah. She was born
around 1873 and immigrated (>from Galicia?) to the US between 1882 and
1888. The organization associated with the cemetery plot was called
"Shiner Cheves"
Her husband was David Schor (later Schorr), son of Moses and Sarah and
he immigrated >from Galicia around 1895. A wild guess is that his Stetl
was around Sanok/Kanczuga/Przemysl.

Searching for:
Schorr or Schor >from Galicia
Wolfman >from Galicia
Lichtenstein >from Ostrowo

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