Expulsion of Jews from Galician front lines to Russia 1915 #general

Barb & Howard

The Rohatyn Yiskor book alludes to more than 500 local Jewish males, as
being rounded up, arrested, taken away suspected German spies; they were
suddenly expelled by the Russians >from the forthcoming World War One front
lines battle area in 1915. It is said that more than 200 Rohatyner men died
on the roads of Russia during this period of expulsion until the survivors
began to return to their home area in Galicia in 1917 & 1918.

The Rohatyners were force marched almost 300 miles >from Rohatyn to Kiev;
they were then put on railway wagons and taken to a place called Chembar in
Penza Provence. They were kept in Chembar for several months before being
sent back as far as Tarnopol, which was still then under Russian control.
They languished in Tarnopol on their own recognizance. Every man had to
provide for himself in those difficult times for more than a year until
sometime after the German forces arrived.

Evidently this expulsion occurred all along the full length of the
German/Russian battle lines >from Lithuania to Bessarabia, and not just in

Can anyone advise where to seek more details about this little reported
Jewish Galician expulsion, and those who perished during this episode? Thus
far I have only been able to uncover scant expulsion information. Here in
the Western World the bulk of the available WWI reporting was concentrated
on the Western Front.

Boulder, Colorado.

Researching primarily in the Rohatyn Galicia area. GOLDWURM; GRAD;

Grodno, Belarus & Krinky, Poland- BELITSKY; BER; LABENSKY; ZUTS

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