How do you spell that city's name? #general

Philip D. Roos

I looked for the last names of Cohen, Levy and Levie in a city with 3
names: (1) The Hague (2) Den Haag (3) 's Gravenhage. There are almost no
"Levy's" in the database. Over 94% of Cohens and Levies were listed in "The
Hague" and almost all the rest were in "Den Haag."

My grandmother's family register (in Dutch of course) uses "Den Haag"
and "'s Gravenhage" interchangeably. I decided to stick to the former.

I also decided to stick with the Dutch spellings of Province names:
'Noord Holland' instead of 'North Holland' for example but to use
'Netherlands' rather than 'Nederland' for the country's name.

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