Shmerko: traditional Jewish naming pattern #belarus

Jonina Duker <jonina.duker@...>

By tradition, the name in the vernacular is either the same name as it
appears in the language (ex. David to David, Yonatan to Jonathan, etc.)
or a translation of the *meaning* of the Hebrew (or for women Yiddish or
Ladino or other Judaic-source language). It is only recently (for
genealogists) in America that the custom of matching the initial sound to
the original name arose. According to Kolatch's definitive 1984 name
dictionary, Shemarya means "protection of the Lord" and a traditional
English equivalent would mean the same thing. Shavua Tov.
Jonina Duker:
(Riga?), LEVINE (~Minsk?), RACHMAN (Salakas/Simferopol), RYMER,
SCHMUELIWITZ (~ Minsk?), SIEGEL (Uzpaliai?), STRAUSS (Vilna?) &
ARLICK (Oshmyany), BARNA (Satu Mare), FRIEDLER (Soljataznan), GOLDSTEIN,
LICHTMAN (Csenger/Satu Mare), LITZKY (Golshany), RAPAPORT
(Kemenesmihalyfa), SCHLESINGER
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