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Steve Orlen wrote:
<<With all these questions about photos lately, it made me curious
about time frames. It seems that there were already traveling
photographers in parts of Pale at least by the 1860s. Is there anyone
in the group who had an antecedant who was a traveling photographer, and are
there any stories? I know about early to mid-20th century photographers, but
nothing about the mid- to late 1800s.>.

We have a photograph, taken, according to material on the back of the
picture, by professional photographer Ch.A Ezerskolgo, whose address was
Sobrrnaya Oolitsa, D. Borovskago, Grodna (as transliterated >from the
Cyrillic script). Can anyone help with any translation or explanation? We
date this, >from the clothing worn by the subjects of the picture, at around
1895 to 1902. We are hopeful that if this person left any surviving records,
we could put names to faces and thus discover if the subjects were my wife's
great grandparents.

Many thanks for any assistance.

David Nathan, London, England

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