Re: Given Names Khaya-Mura & Ekha #general

Charutz <yairharu@...>

I think that my own personacl experience could be of use here. My full
Hebrew name is Chaim Meir Charutz. I was named after my late
grsndmother, whoee name was Chaya-Meira.

While my gm came >from a small town in Lithuania and not fom Kiev, the
principle is thee same.Im one place it was written ss Meira, in another
as Mura. However, I was given to understand that the combination was not
uncommon among Eastern European Jews, at least during the 19th century.

BTW, there is a major linguistuc difference between rhe name Chaya aand
the wword in the book of Genesis "chayei Sara"
Chaya has two related meanings; "alive" or "animal". "Chayei Sarah"
means "the life of Sarah"

Chaim Charutz.

At 10:25 AM -0700 8/3/06, Steve Orlen wrote:
In Kiev, a relative of mine appears on a document as Khaya-Mura
(Russian spelling). I know the name Chaya, of course, but I couldn't
find Mura in the Given Names Database or in Beider's book. It sounds
like a variation on Miriam. Has anyone ever seen it before?

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