Re: London names HOLRIE, ABRAHAM, BRAHAM #unitedkingdom

Bubby <yeruchem18@...>

Can't answer re Poultow or Poulton. Many immigrant Jews changed their names
or adopted new ones when they came here to London, England, as they did on
arrival or soon after in the US.
Thanks for the reply.

I wonder if the fact that they apparently lived near the docks would explain
why the Poultow/Poulton father was a shipwright and son was a marine

Fraida Cohen
New York

"david nathan" <> wrote:

That part of London's East End, not far >from the docks (now no longer poor
dock areas but now very upmarket apartments and financial offices) was a
very popular settling place for immigrants, first the Huguenots, then the
Jews and now Asians, mostly >from Bangladesh.

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