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Steven Lasky <steve725@...>

Greetings All,

I was at the National Archives-Northeast Division (NYC) today and discovered
that all the Southern District of New York naturalization petitions filed
between the years 1897 and 1944 are now on microfilm (M1972). These
incorporate Volume No. 64, Page 1 to Petition No. 436400. They are currently
microfilming all the records for the Eastern District of New York. This
means that they will no longer be retrieving those big books stored in the
back room with the original naturalization records, at least for the ones I
just mentioned that have already been microfilmed. One can now locate, e.g.
a person's Petition for Naturalization number on, , go to
NARA (perhaps at conference time), and make your own copies (thirty cents
per page, avg. three pages per person) and obtain, when available, the
applicant's Declaration of Intention, Certificate of Approval, and Petition
for Naturalization in one fell swoop. Alternatively, one can send the
document number(s) to NARA, and they will photocopy the documents for you at
ten dollars per record and send it your way. The microfilm rolls mentioned
are all the way in the back row of cabinets, on top against the wall, with
the green labels. There is a looseleaf binder in the bookcase at the back of
the microfilm reading room that tells you the microfilm reel number that
corresponds to the document number, as well as computers hooked up to the
Internet or other databases where you can look up the petition document
number if you haven't previously done so.

See you at the conference,
Steve Lasky
New York

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