Internal Passport Database -- Update #general

Howard Margol

The Internal Passport Database - 1919-1940 - on JewishGen has just been
updated. Over 10,000 additional records have been added to the database. The
introduction to the database has also been updated with exciting new information
included so it is a good idea to read the introduction in addition to
searching the database.

The database now consists of over 21,000 records, including records >from the
following towns;

City of Kaunas, Jonava, Kaunas Uyezd, Panevezys, Pumpenai, Rokiskis,
Troskunai, Vandziogala and the Vandziogala area.

In addition to doing a surname search, also do a town search and you may
find records of your ancestors in a different shtetl. Internal Passport files
for Kupiskis and Skapiskis do not exist. However, if you do a town search for
either of those towns, you will be amazed at the amount of information that
will come up.

Do a town search for Rokiskis even if that is not your shtetl. You will see
an example of the wealth of information contained in some of the files.

Presently, internal passport files for the following towns are in the
process of being translated - additional records for Panevezys, as well as
records for the town of Naujamiestes. Even more exciting, work has just started
on the files for the Seinai (Sejny), Uyezd. Sejny is now in Poland but was
originally in the Suwalki District which included towns and villages that are
now in Poland and in Lithuania. All of the towns in the district are included -
Lazdijai and Kupciamiestis just to name two.

Financial support is desparately needed to keep the translation process
moving forward. I would hate to see this extremely valuable project come to a
halt, or be seriously delayed, because of a lack of funding. I am sure you have
already given to this, or other worthy projects, but I hope you can see your
way clear to give just a little more. Donations by USA or Canadian citizens
is fully tax deductible.

To learn about the internal passports, and to search the database, go to;

Howard Margol
Atlanta, Georgia

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