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You have the name of that synagogue correct - Sandys Row. It is a very
old-established synagogue which was, a believe, previously a Huguenot chapel
and is now a mosque. Strange how buildings once given a religious use seem
to be able to maintain that use, albeit for a different religion.
It was the Spitalfields Great Synagogue (Machzike Hadass), on the corner of
Fournier Street and Brick Lane) which began life as a Huguenot Church,
erected in 1743, became a Wesleyan Chapel in 1819, then a mission house for
converting Jews, then in 1898 a synagogue, and is today a mosque. Similarly the
Mile End and Bow District Synagogue is now a Hindu Temple. Brief details are in
Gerry Black's Jewish London, an Illustrated History, 2003.

Harold Pollins

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