Seeking POTLER / PATLACH / PATLAKH family members #general

Michelle Potler <Potler2@...>

Seeking any and all descendants of Hannah and Abraham PATLACH (later
changed to POTLER) who immigrated >from Fastov, Kiev, Russia in 1910.
They had 8 children (3 girls, 5 boys): 4 boys and 1 girl were born in
Russia; 2 girls and 1 boy were born in Philidelphia, PA. Several
surnames were used in immigration, naturalization and census records
from 1910 to 1940. Possible derivations listed below.
There are at least two Potler families that immigrated >from Fastov in
the early-1900s: Patlakh 1904 and Patlach 1910. These two families
might be related, please let me know if you have information supporting
this theory.

I am trying to find any and all relatives, living or not, of my
in-laws. I know my father-in-law has cousins out there that he doesn't
even know about (he had 7 aunts and uncles almost never met) and I
would love to find these people. Please email me!

Possible surnames derivations:
Patler, Petler, Potler
Pattler, Pettler, Pottler
Patlach, Petlach, Potlach
Patlack, Petlack, Potlack
Patlakh, Petlakh, Potlakh
Patloch, Petloch, Potloch
Patlock, Petlock Potlock

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