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I believe the correct name for the street with the synagogue is
Sandy's Row; however Sandys Row is widely used. It is now a quaint
historic street; 100 years ago it was regarded as squalid.

John Poulton is recorded as POULTON on the GRO marriage index.
It was not unusual for couples to give the same address on marriage
certificates; I wouldn't draw any conclusion >from this.

The family is certainly confusing. On the 1881 census, Harris Holrie
is listed as Deaf and Dumb. His wife was recorded as Eva.
On the 1891 census there is no record of a handicap for Harris but
a daughter Caroline (33) is listed as Deaf and Dumb. Harris's wife
is listed as Hannah.

Harris Holrie died in the December quarter of 1903 (GRO Index).

If Hyman (grandson, 1881 census or son, 1891 census) was born
in Warsaw in 1878 and moved to England with the whole family,
it would appear they moved to England between 1878 and 1881.

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