Re: Movement from Europe to Ukraine in Mid-1800's #general

Sharon R. Korn <s.r.korn@...>

Marilyn Siegel writes that her grandfather came >from near Kiev, Russia, but
his birthplace was listed in the census as Austria. My grandfather also
came >from near Kiev, >from a town which is now in Ukraine (Kammenny Brod),
but his birthplace was also listed as Austria in the census. It turned out
the census taker misunderstood, as my grandfather must have said he was born
in Ostria. That is an alternate name for Ostrog, also known as Ostra or
Ostroh, which has a long history of Jewish population. Just recently my
cousin Allan Dolgow, who is a member of this group, contracted with a
researcher who found our grandfather and his family listed in the census
records of Ostrog. Marilyn should try looking for her family in that city.

Sharon Korn
San Diego, CA

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