Compensating for NYC census records--1890 #general

Diane Jacobs <thegenie@...>

This is quite true but you can go a step further. There is a 1890
NYC Police Census which was done because NYC thought the federal govt.
had not done a good job of reporting everyone. In November 1890 policeman
went to every household in Manhattan (ie NYC at that time) and entered the
names , sex and age of all residents in a book by address. These over 900
books are on microfilm and I have used them in the NYPL in Room 119. I am
sure the Mormons have a copy of them. Howard Jensen also published an
index to this census in book form which gives you the book number of every
address. With the book number you can locate the correct microfilm and
go to the specific address.

Good luck hunting.

Diane Jacobs
Somerset, NJ

Getting census data for 1890 bedevils anyone who is doing research on
that decade. The national census records were lost in a fire and are
only fragmentary. One way to fill in the gap is to use the Manhattan
city directory. Forerunner to the telephone directory, it lists the name
and occupation of every person at a particular address, and it was
published yearly or ever other year. You would be able to see any
address changes or changes in marital status. I don't recall that it
lists children's names, but it might. It's usually alphabetical by name.
The directories are readily available in NYC area libraries and through
the LDS' Family History Centers on microfilm.

Sabra Waldfogel

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