London Jewish Lodges? & Given Name "Babel" #general

Steve Orlen

Dear Cousins,

In a letter written >from a relative in England circa 1900 the writer
says, in reference to a woman having left her husband: "Now she went
to his lodge & he sends her every week 5 shillings." Were there
Jewish "lodges" in London around that time? I would guess it wasn't a
chevra, because the man wasn't religious. I doubt he was a Mason,
because he was somewhat disreputable.

The woman in question was named "Bable." I wonder if this was a
version of the nickname "Bubele" or something else.

Best, Steve Orlen
Tucson, AZ

BELKIN (Boguslav, Odessa), BOIM (Zasliai), MELNICK, LIBERMAN ha
COHEN, WEISBERG (Dvorets, Pinsk, Pochopovo, Montreal), ORLIN
(Boguslaviskis, Vilnius, Vieves, Zasliai), MEREMINSKY, EPSTEIN
Polonka, Palestine), WOLINSKY/VOLINSKIY (Boguslav, Zvenigorodka,
Stepantsy, Mironovka, Dnipropetrovsk, Odessa, Alexandria, Palestine,
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