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This topic brought up by Fraida Cohen of NY has resulted in a flurry
of postings. Harold Pollins has already addressed the question of
biblical first names in England and as he says, they are definitely
no marker for Jewish families. {Fraida wrote: I find a number of
POULTON families having members with Jewish-sounding given names.}

To my comment: <I cannot find Minnie and John POULTON in any census
after their marriage in 1890.> Fraida then wrote: <I find a Minnie
Poulton in the 1901 UK census and one in the 1910 census in
the USA.>

Anyone who studies censuses knows that one has to pinpoint the right
*Minnie* - there are lots of Minnie POULTON in 1901 but I have not
yet found the right one who matches the profile of *our Minnie nee
Holrie in Warsaw". That is not all - I have not even found father
Albert POULTON and the young POULTON family in the much earlier
censuses. Nor have I found Caroline HOLRIE and her brother Hyman
after 1891.

from Ottawa Harry Dodsworth writes: <This is a very confusing family
-deaf and dumb registered for two different people and different
first names for Mrs HOLRIE - Hyman (grandson, 1881 census or son,
1891 census).>

That first name change in different censuses is common too. Hyman's
status is puzzling. But mistakes do happen as this family probably
did not apeak English in 1881 shortly after their arrival in London.
The 1891 cenus is more likely to be correct.

I am more interested in the original name of the HOLRIE {HOROWITZ
perhaps?] family >from Warsaw - who never bothered to naturalise for
20 years - and where the lost family members were in the 1840s
[POULTON} and 1901 [POULTON and HOLRIE], including young Hyman HOLRIE
born in Warsaw in 1878 and his sister Caroline [who may, or may not
be, deaf and dumb]. I have found a possible candidate for Hyman
though - and in 1901 he is naturalised, repairs watches, lives alone
at 173 Deptford High Street [right age and area] and is called
HARRIS. I really wonder if he changed his name again? Only a hunch
... And Caroline may be in an institution as her father has moved in
with his daughter Minnie?

Celia Male [U.K.]

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