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Greetings all,

I have added material to the new "Education and Research Center" of my
virtual Museum of Family History. I display sample records and give some
explanation of what information they have to offer us. This is a work in
progress, one of the many projects I am working on concurrently. I wanted to
announce this before the conference, hoping it will be of interest and use
to some of you. The records that I speak of are those used in the United
States, for the most part those issued in New York City or New York State.
They are:
Vital Records: Birth, Marriage and Death Records (including Burial-Transit
City Directories
Brooklyn Board of Elections Voter Registration Records
World Wars I and II Draft Registration Cards (see Al Jolson's WWI draft
registration card!)
World War II Army Enlistment Records
Certificates of Arrival
HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society) Cards
Naturalization Records
Military Naturalization Records
Women and U.S. Naturalization Laws (Married Woman's Act of 1922/Repatriation
Act of 1936)
New York City Building Photos 1939-41/Historic Town Maps

The page with links to all the above is .

Also, recall that I have maps to the overall cemetery grounds for most of
the Jewish cemeteries in metro New York and New Jersey on my site, in case
you need them. It is usually best to search for what you're looking for on
my site by visiting the Site Map; also the Updates page periodically to see
what's new.

This past month I have also added:
-- a main town index page for Zamosc, Poland
--more photos of Holocaust memorials in Belarus, Poland, Lithuania and the
--a web page of the memorial erected by the Yiddish Theatrical Alliance at
Mt. Hebron Cemetery, dedicated to the Yiddish actors lost during the Shoah.
--a few small features:
--"Coney Island: The Early Days and How We Got There"
--"What's in a Name?"--try to match up the birth names of famous Jewish
actors and actresses with the names they went by in the entertainment
-- "It Was the Best of Times..." about my maternal grandparents >from
Brooklyn in the late 1930s, the invasion of Poland by Germany, the Evian
Conference, and the 1939 New York World's Fair.
--more pre-war family photos in the "Postcards >from Home" exhibition, >from
Poland and Belarus.
--"Zayde" by Elaine Rosenberg Miller, a story about "the power of memory,
childhood, and post-Holocaust Jews in transition."

Update on the new searchable cemetery databases:
--Next is Mt. Ararat Cemetery in Pinelawn, New York. This cemetery has no
society plots, but it should be useful to some as it holds some 50,000
burials. Their website and searchable database should be up and running
fairly soon. I will announce it here when it is online. The last searchable
database to be constructed will be the one for Mt. Judah in Ridgewood, New
York, though you shouldn't expect it for a couple of months, maybe less. I
know of no other cemeteries who are currently constructing or have plans to
build their own website or searchable database.

I hope all those who will be going on one of the cemetery jaunts next week
will have called or somehow contacted the cemetery before going there and
will have gotten all the information they need, etc. before they get there.
For some I know this isn't possible, but it will certainly make it less
stressful on both you and the cemetery office workers if you do so. Imagine
if everyone who will arrive there by van asks the cemetery office for
assistance at the same time. You could be waiting there for twenty or thirty
minutes before you're ready to visit a gravesite--and that's if they're not
busy with others in need of help or a funeral/unveiling.

So far the weather forecast for New York City is good for this time of year,
80 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit for a high, high 60s for a low, with no
significant rain in the forecast. We will all keep our fingers crossed for
good weather throughout.

See you at the conference.

Steve Lasky
New York

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