Death Certificate: Anna (COHEN) SIEGEL, Cleveland. Yours?? #general

Dayna <zoeys_mom@...>

Hi all,

I recently ordered and received a death certificate
for a woman I thought was my Aunt. Turns out it was
another woman with the same name. So in case *this*
Anna Siegel happens to belong to any of you out there,
I'm posting the info on the death certificate. If she
is "yours" and you'd like to have the actual
certificate, just email me privately and I'd be happy
to mail it to you.

This is ALL of the info in the death certificate,
exactly as written:

Name of deceased: Anna SIEGEL
DOD: 8-25-1936
Age: 65
Widow of Abraham SIEGEL
Place of death: Orthodox Old Folks Home, 736 Lakeview,
Cleveland, Ohio (Cuyahoga County)
Father of deceased: Judea COHEN
Mother of deceased: Unknown
Parents & deceased all born: Roumania
Funeral director: Samuel Berkowitz
Burial at Ridge Road, 8-26-1936
Cause of death: "Possible Coronary Thronbosis,
Possible Pulmonary Embolus" onset, same day as death
Contributory causes of death: "Lipoma of Buttock, 10
years duration, non-malignant" It also says there was
a surgical "excision of Lipoma on 8-19-1936"
Informant: Old Age Home

Dayna Chalif

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