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tom klein <jewishgen@...>

In Russian (and I believe Poland was under Russian rule at the time),
it is still quite normal to list a person's patronymic between their
given and family name.

I believe you are interested in a time period that roughly coincides
with the introduction of fixed family names in Poland (c. 1821), so
there may also have been a mixture or crossover of patronymics and
fixed surnames.

....... Tom Klein, Toronto

Shari Kantrow <> wrote:

In researching family names for the first time in
Lomza mid 19th century (1830's-1880's), I came across
something I had not seen before and wonder what your
thoughts are on this. I noticed that unlike in other
towns I had researched in Galicia or Ukraine, the
naming patterns in the Lomza region were very
patryonymic, for example, Herszkowicz,Danielowicz,
Abramowicz,etc. Would several generations keep that
name once assigned; or would it change with each
person? For example, Daniel's son Abram would be Abram
Danielowicz, and likewise, would Abram's son Mendel be
Mendel Abramowicz?
I am very confused. Please share your thoughts.
Shari Kantrow

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