Re: Lomza naming patterns #general

Judith Romney Wegner

At 3:12 AM +0000 8/12/06, Alexander Sharon wrote in reply to Stan,
who had said:

"Kantrowicz", the son of the H.azan, the Cantor. The son of the Tsar was
> "Tsarewicz", in Polish spelling.

Actually Stan, in Polish, spelling is Carewicz, and is not a popular
Polish name.
Many thanks to Alex for straightening that out for us. I consider
him the gold standard when it comes to Slavic surnames, and would
always take his opinion when it conflicts with that of anyone else.
In passing, may I mention the famous British horse race named after
the son of some Czar or other -- perhaps a cousin of Queen Victoria?
The race is the Cesarewitch -- which manages to mangle the spelling
without helping much with the correct pronunciation!

Judith Romney Wegner

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