Re: Meier Perla/ Peter Meyer in Lomza #general

Alexander Sharon

"Shari Kantrow" wrote


Additionally, I have heard that it was possible from
someone >from Russian/Poland to claim they were of
German nationality and totally convert the name, for
example, >from Meier PERLA to Peter MEYER. Is this
definitely so in this case, I don't know, but it gives
me hope.
This was not the case. People traveling on the Russian passports, could not
claim German citizenship. Perhaps they have resided for some years in
Germany and have subsequently acquired German nationality.

Does anyone know why someone in 1884 might claim a
different origin on the passenger list (German)or
perhaps why they would leave >from Rotterdam, which
appears to be quite a distance >from Lomza?
Lomza was not exactly located on the sea. People were forced to schlep to
the Atlantic sea port to take the steamer to America.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab

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