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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Peter Zavon wrote: <If he was born in Galicia, Austria, then his
birth records are not going to be found in Vienna. Vienna was the
capitol of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Galicia was the largest,
province of that Empire. Seeking a birth record in Vienna for someone
born in Galicia in the mid-19th century is like seeking the birth
record of someone born in the same period in Rhodesia or British
Columbia by looking in London.>

Quite true {reply}

<For Galicia, Gesher Galicia is the organization to join. See The AustriaCzech SIG focuses on the Jewish
families who lived in what are now the Czech Republic and modern
Austria.> see

Quite true {reply}

<Vienna is a great place to visit, and does apparently hold some
records of interest to those researching families who lived in
Galicia, but those are for the more advanced researcher who already
knows the basic birth and death data.

Quite untrue - {except it is a good place to visit]. You find links
in Vienna to Galician families you could find nowhere else in a
million years! I know because I have done it for many Jewishgenners!
And I am not a Galician - I did it as a challenge.

PS: references supplied on request! The GOLDHABER family we were
discussing will be a veritable goldmine in Vienna, if you know what
to do and that you could learn via the Austria-Czech SIG!.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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