Fanny and Vogel #general



Nearly all of the "Fayga" in my family who moved to an English speaking
country became "Fanny"---
I don't think there is anything in translation, it was simply a popular
female name amongst
immigrant Jews of the time that happened to have some similar letters
(well, in some form of Yiddish that is transliterated, that is). There
could be a more complex answer, but I think thats it.

Steve Bloom
Farmville, VA

One of my cousins emigrated >from Amsterdam to London in 19th century.
In Holland her given name was Vogel but it became Fanny in England.
Is there an explanation how the given name Vogel=bird in Dutch becomes=
Steven D. Bloom
Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Hampden-Sydney College 23943

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