Re: How given name Vogel becomes Fanny #general

Van Wijngaarden <hvw79@...>

Dear Celia or should I say Professor Celia as your explanation of the name
change is very impressive and indepth and in my case could very well be a
right one. My Vogel resp. Fanny was of Azkenazic origin and her husband
named PEZARO of Italian origin.

You have disclosed to me a new world of naming children and possible legal
restrictions. It reminds me of my brother- named Ben. My father had problems
60 years ago when he did not want to name his son Bernard but his
stubbornness finally forced them to write down just Ben. In those days, I
was told, lists with accepted names were used by the local registration
offices in the Netherlands. You simply could not choose any given name.

I appreciate the way you stress the importance of the Habsburgian
legislation in this field as I did not know this. Napoleon and his laws are
in general more known to us. Your answer enriched my knowledge and
therefore I like to lift my hat and say................ Chapeau

May I avail myself of the opportunity to thank all who took the trouble to
reply me both private and via JG.

Rene van Wijngaarden

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