translations received ! Thanks - 1893 Birth record #general

JEF BARNETT <JBarnett@...>

I had just posted this request this morning and already have 2 complete and
almost identical responses. JewishGeners to the rescue once again!

........."Could someone translate the 1893 Birth record of what is supposed
to be a
Bajla(?) Bulman born in Nowe Miasto, Poland. I was looking to find the
parents names and the dates.

Jef Barnett
Bensalem, PA

BANDRYMER (Bandrimer or Bandremer) -Serock, Pultusk, Ostrow Maz., Rozan Poland
KRASHA - Serock, Krasnosielc Poland
NOWAK (Novak, Nowack) -Serock, Krasnosielc Poland
BULMAN- Poland
SOLARZ- Serock, Krasnosielc Poland (lost in the Holocaust)
SILVERBERG- Serock, Krasnosielc Poland (lost in the Holocaust)

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