Re: Moshe SOLOVEICHIK, Head of the Great Yeshiva of Suwalki #general

Stephen Denker

In 2003 there was a Rabbinic SIG posting about Rabbi Moshe Soloveichik, head
of the Great Yeshiva of Suwalki. On page 120 of the Suwalki Yizkor Book
there is this passage: "Rabbi Moshe son of Rabbi Yaakov Soloveichik,
son-in-law of the elder of the religious court judge Rabbi Naftali Prendel,
was active in community work in Suwalk. He died in Gottingen in 1896."
Photographs of his gravestone do not say "HaLevi" after his name on the
stone. The Brisker Soloveichik rabbinic family members are Leviim and that
fact was invariably given as an integral part of their name on title pages
of their publications, gravestones, etc.

As far as I know, although there are Brisker rabbis named Moshe and Yaakov,
there is no Moshe son of Yaacov and he is not mentioned in any Brisker
Soloveichik biography.

So Rabbi Moshe ben Yaakov Soloveitchik, a Yisroel and not a Levi, presumably
was of a different rabbinic Soloveitchik family than the famous Brisk
rabbinic dynasty.

I would appreciate any information about this rabbinic Soloveitchik family.
My great grandmother, born 1841, was a Soloveitchik. I am unsure if she was
a Levi or a Yisroel.

Stephen Denker
Looking for EPSTEIN and SOLOVEITCHIK families.

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