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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Marian Merritt wrote: <I'm researching my husband's
great-grandfather, John Merritt (London, England > Louisiana >
Omaha). He was a Confederate Soldier who moved to Omaha right after
the war. I'm curious to know why a Jewish person >from the "wrong side
of the war" would choose to move west, unless he was rejoining
family. I'm interested to hear suggestions that might indicate new
research paths for me. ....>

I cannot comment about the military aspect, but I do wonder whether
John was really Jewish, as all the MERRITT I have looked at in the
1851 census of England and Wales appear really English to me! In the
1841 census, there is a handful apparently not born in England - who
could be Irish. Their professions are very non-Jewish

Perhaps John had changed his name on arrival in the US - or did he
convert on marriage to Caroline Rosenthal?

As John may not have had any close relatives in the US unless they
emigrated with him, it is natural that his wife Caroline would like
to be near her family in Omaha, Nebraska.

Caroline's father, or the wedding witnesses {REICHENBERG} may even
have offered John a job in the family business in Omaha.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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