Re: Search of Lithuanian Records #general

Davida Noyek Handler <dnhiowa@...>

Stanley Baron writes:

My family migrated from
NovoAlexandrovsk in Lithuania sometime between 1856
and 1861. I am searching for records for NovoAlexandrovsk and the Ukmerge
region >from that time and before. The family names were Barron-Bendet.
Can anyone provide guidance on where such records might be found?
Go to LitvakSIG Home page at and click on
the link for "Search the ALD"

You will find thousands of translated records for Zarasai (formerly
NovoAlexandrovsk) and the Ukmerge region.

For further information on research groups for both areas, you can contact
Olga Zabludoff, LitvakSIG Research Groups Coordator, at

Good luck in your search.

Davida Noyek Handler
Co-Founder and immediate Past President, LitvakSIG

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